Chrysanthemum Society


North Carolina Chrysanthemum Society Mission

The Mission of the NC Chrysanthemum Society is to encourage and foster the growth and appreciation of chrysanthemums in North Carolina.  To assist the National Chrysanthemum Society in the furtherance of its mission to educate by research, teaching and disseminating procedures for the propagation and cultivation of the Chrysanthemum.  To improve the standard of excellence of the Chrysanthemum and to promote a wider interest in the cultivation of Chrysanthemums.  To encourage the greater use and display of blooms of the many Chrysanthemum cultivars available to growers.  To increase the bonds of friendship among growers of Chrysanthemums.

With 13 classes and over 3,000 cultivars the Chrysanthemum has the largest range of floral form and color of all flowers.  While originating in China, the Chrysanthemum is now grown in all temperate locations throughout the world.  The society is an affiliated chapter of the National Chrysanthemum Society and is a group of Chrysanthemum growers dedicated to fostering the objectives of the national society.


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